Setnor School of Music. Bach. You may upload video files (.mov, .wmv, .flv) and PDF documents as appropriate to the requirements for your major of interest. Contact: Dr. John Warren, director of choral studies, document.getElementById("eeb-417774-295270").innerHTML = eval(decodeURIComponent("%27%6a%66%77%61%72%72%30%31%40%73%79%72%2e%65%64%75%27"))*enable javascript to see email*. All students desiring to declare any music-related major or minor must first complete and pass an audition on their principal instrument as part of the admission process. The School of Jazz and Contemporary music is renowned across the globe for its artist-as-mentor approach. Prepare two contrasting works or etudes. Applicant may be asked to demonstrate his/her ability to harmonize, embellish, improvise, and show his/her range and technical facility through typical practice routines and exercises. *Due to the pandemic,  pre-recorded taped accompaniment is acceptable during the 2020-21 application season. Two contrasting concert etudes by Giulio Regondi, Heitor Villa-lobos, or Angelo Gilardino. Some ensembles require an audition… Setnor School of Music May 12, 2014 • by Jessica Reed The Setnor School of Music has four departments devoted to what you need to be successful as a working musician: performance, composing and arranging, teaching, and music business. Conductors who pass the video audition will be invited to campus to audition with one of the Setnor School of Music ensembles. degree. Applicants will be expected to sight-read a short passage of music as part of the audition. An audition is required for all students seeking admission to the Setnor School of Music. Audition requirements which state a complete piece or work are indicating all movements must be prepared; You should first consult with your private teacher to determine the suitability of your proposed repertoire. and B.I.D. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your current level of musicianship, your potential for growth, and your readiness to succeed in Berklee College of Music's learning environment. Applicants must audition on their principal performing instrument. Auditions during the 2020–2021 admissions season. Two etudes (one technical, one lyrical) such as those by Ferling, Lacour, Mule, Voxman, etc. Present a minimum of six selections; include at least one aria and one piece in English. Summertime A Minor 100 bpm [MP3] | Summertime A Minor Latin 120 bpm [MP3] Of these, 8 credits must be in Setnor School of Music performing ensembles; any class with the prefix ENI, ENV, or ENC meets this requirement. prescreen videos and, if approved, audition. Musical theater repertoire is not acceptable for your English selection. You may also provide an email address for a music teacher to submit a recommendation on your behalf. Sign Up. In addition to all the diatonic major and minor scales edited by ANDRES SEGOVIA, candidates auditioning on the classical guitar should prepare three categories from the four listed below. Music Therapy students must successfully audition for the Music Department faculty, in addition to their Music Therapy Entrance Requirements. If you are a transfer student, please also include an unofficial copy of your transcript and course descriptions. Sight-reading will also be required as part of the audition. Please note that the Acceptd application will open in mid-September. Please note: current campus COVID guidelines do not allow for guests on campus; Setnor … Summertime D Minor 100 bpm no drums [MP3] | Summertime D Minor Latin 120 bpm no drums [MP3], Rhythm Changes B Flat 180 bpm no drums [MP3] | Rhythm Changes B Flat 240 bpm no drums [MP3], B Flat Blues 80 bpm no drums [MP3] | B Flat Blues 200 bpm no drums [MP3] | B Flat Blues Funk 112 bpm no drums [MP3], E Blues 80 bpm no drums [MP3] | E Blues 200 bpm no drums [MP3] | E Blues Funk 112 bpm no drums [MP3], Summertime A Minor 100 bpm no piano [MP3] | Summertime A Minor Latin 120 bpm no piano [MP3] See the website for audition information. The Juilliard School is working with students, faculty, and guest artists to embrace and build a more representative world of classical music. Provided that you have successfully applied to Catholic University by January 15, a grace period will be allowed to submit audition materials after the deadline (February 1, 2021) Audition materials may be submitted on a case-by-case basis after that date and up to May 31, 2021. For more information on the drum set audition requirements, see the “Jazz and Commercial Music Audition Requirements” section below. Emphasis will be placed on a solid technical foundation that allows for ease of execution and control over musical elements such as tone quality, dynamics, rhythm, vibrato and phrasing. Contact: Dr. James Tapia, director of orchestral studies, (function(){var ml="yr0eaj4id.tspu%",mi="51:4<74>62;01938=",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j
2020 setnor school of music audition requirements